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The best selected raw materials
for the ceramic industry

Geomix works in the raw materials processing and distribution sector for the ceramic, glass, sanitaryware and refractory materials industries.

Located in the Sassuolo ceramic district, the leading of the company is to provide a puntual, competent and personalized service to support the customers.

our partner

The company represents and markets historical German clay companies directly for the Italian market such as Goerg & Schneider, Maroton and Weiss.
To these are added new emerging European companies, of which Geomix holds the exclusive for the Italian market, such as the Portuguese Corbario with their wide range of clays and kaolins and the Turkish companies Erven and Errenk also with various clayey plastic products absolutely necessary for the production of ceramic bodies.
To close the product package, we should also mention the precious French SOKA kaolins, as well as various other raw materials such as bentonites, Turkish feldspar and hydrated and calcined aluminas.

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